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The advantages and disadvantages of baobaorong fabric, the common uses and processes of baby velvet, the composition of baby velvet is 100% polyester, and the advantages are good hand feel, smooth, soft and easy to wash.

Because baby fleece is made of polyester fabric, the disadvantage is that ordinary baby fleece has static electricity, because it is made of polyester. However, there is a kind of baby fleece in the market that does not have static electricity. It is dyed with a substance that prevents static electricity. When you buy it, you should ask clearly.

Advantages and disadvantages of baobaorong fabric common use and technology of baby velvet

Common uses of baobaorong

Baobaorong is a popular fabric in China. Its texture is very fine and soft, so it is often used to make pajamas. Therefore, baby velvet has become a substitute for Cotton Bathrobes.

Baby velvet technology features

Baobaorong fabric products are in fact old products in Shengze market. However, due to its Plush surface, soft, smooth and waxy fabric feel, easy care and other advantages, baobaobaorong fabric products still occupy a certain market share, especially by Southeast Asian purchasers.

According to manager Qian of Suzhou Yuanyu Textile Co., Ltd., baby velvet products are mainly stable, and have been processed through various processes such as pre shrinking, alkali reduction, dyeing and setting. The most important thing is to control the color in dyeing. At present, there are as many as 40 or 50 colors of this product.

Warm and comfortable flannelette is suitable for autumn and winter. Although the baby fabric is not as soft and delicate as knitted cotton, it will feel warm and not cool because of a layer of small fluff. The ordinary cotton quilt is a little cold at first, and it will be warm only when you understand it slowly.

Post time: Aug-10-2022