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luster, and is the best partner of luxurious fashion.

1. Softness and skin affinity are equal to or better than cashmere;
2. Breathable, good moisture conductivity, refreshing;
3. Warmth is close to cashmere and comfortable to wear;
4. The wear resistance, pilling resistance, coloring and strength of milk wool are better than those of cashmere;
5. Because milk protein contains amino acids, the skin will not reject this kind of fabric, which is equivalent to a layer of human skin, but has a protective effect on the skin.
It is not only different from natural fibers such as cotton, hemp, silk and wool, but also different from chemical fibers such as nylon, acrylic, polyester and polypropylene, so its performance is between natural fibers and synthetic fibers. The physicochemical index test values are as follows: dry fracture strength ≥ 2.5cn/dtex; Coefficient of variation of dry breaking strength ≤ 14%; Dry elongation at break 16.0% – 25.0%; Coefficient of variation of dry elongation at break ≤ 12%; Linear density deviation rate ± 4.0%; Coefficient of variation of linear density ≤ 3.5%; Dyeing uniformity (gray card) ≥ grade 3~4; Moisture regain 4% – 6%; The antibacterial rate of fiber is ≥ 80%.
Do not use formaldehyde azo additives or raw materials, and the formaldehyde content of fiber is zero; It is rich in eighteen kinds of amino acids beneficial to human body, which can promote the metabolism of human cells, prevent skin aging and itching, and nourish skin; With natural moisturizing factors, it can maintain the moisture content of the skin, make the skin soft and smooth, reduce wrinkles, have broad-spectrum antibacterial function, and have strong durability. The natural antibacterial function is more than 99%, and the antibacterial rate is more than 80%.
It has a cashmere like feel. Its monofilament has fine fineness, light specific gravity, elongation at break, crimp elasticity and crimp recovery rate are closest to cashmere and wool. The fiber is bulky and soft, and the touch is as soft, comfortable and smooth as cashmere; The fiber is white, with silky natural luster, elegant appearance, anti sun fastness and anti perspiration fastness up to 4~3 levels, and it is very easy to dry.
The cross-section of milk protein fiber is irregular and round, full of gaps in the cross-section, and there are many grooves in the longitudinal direction. Protein molecules are distributed on the surface of the fiber, containing natural protein moisturizing factors and a large number of hydrophilic groups, which can quickly absorb human sweat, and quickly lead into the air through the grooves to disperse hair, so that human skin can always maintain a dry state, and the anti fuzzing and pilling properties reach level 3-4.
The three-dimensional porous structure of the fiber and the groove structure of the longitudinal surface determine that the fiber has the characteristics of warm in winter and cool in summer: in summer, it is made into light and thin fabric, which can quickly absorb the wet steam and sweat emitted by the skin, and quickly spread into the air, keeping the skin dry and breathable; Made of thick fabric in winter, micropores absorb the heat emitted into the body, effectively block the air circulation, prevent the invasion of cold air, and keep light and warm.
Dyeing under normal temperature and pressure, the color is bright, soft and shiny, the dye uptake is high, and the color fastness is grade 4 ~. After dyeing, the original performance of the product is still maintained, with excellent wearing safety; With natural antibacterial function, it is more mildew proof and mothproof than wool and cashmere, with high strength, wear and wash resistance, and easy storage; After washing, the product can still maintain a high degree of wear resistance and deformation resistance. 


Post time: Aug-02-2022