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What are the professional terms of clothing tops

Terminology of clothing jacket
1. Basic line is the basic line of the cut side view of the top. Also known as the lower horizontal line.
2. Length line – parallel to the top line to determine the position line of the length. Also known as upper horizontal line
3. Shoulder line 1 is parallel to the length of the garment, and the distance from the length of the garment to the shoulder joint
4. Bust line – parallel to length Indicates the position of chest circle and sleeve cage depth
5. High line of sleeves and wings – the dimension line parallel to the chest circle line and higher up from the deep line of sleeves
6. Lumbar segment line – parallel to the chest circle line, indicating the position I line of the vessel segment.
7. A dimension line rising from the bottom to the top at the swing seam of a coat
8. Deep neckline – parallel to the length line, indicating the depth line of the neckline.
9. Seam straight line – a straight line perpendicular to the basic line of the coat and representing the edge of the front door flap.
10. Folding door straight line – the straight line at the overlap between the placket and the inner Zen.
11. Skimming line – skimming the position line of the net size according to the shape of the chest at the point leading to the chest. Also known as skimming line.
12. Neckline width – parallel to the straight line of the seam, indicating the dimension line of the cross opening of the neckline.
13. The types of tops include T-shirts, shirts, vests, sweaters, cardigans and coats. According to different fabrics, they can be divided into knitted fabrics, semi knitted fabrics and semi woven fabrics
14. The collar type of the coat includes round collar, V-collar, square collar, stand collar, lapel, etc

Post time: Mar-22-2022