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Winter fashion: new season slinky sweaters and cold-weather essentials

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Chic checks, minimal patterns and great knits keep you away from the cold: a glamorous, easy-to-wear collection of new season staples curated by stylist Melissa Boyle and photographed at the Bendigo Ernest Hotel.
He wore a Uniqlo “Men + J” jacket, $300, an “ultralight down” jacket, $130, and a “Flannel” shirt, $40.She wore a Friends with Frank “Clementine” coat, $699; a Zimmermann jacket, $1,850, turtleneck, $395, and pants, $625.Credit: Michelle Tran
She wore Aje “Nouveau” shirt, $295, and “Serpentine” pants, $295; Essen “The Strappy” sandals, $329; Anna Rossi jewelry earrings, $69; and Longines, $2025.Image credit: Michelle Tran
He wore a Country Road cardigan, $159; a Scotch & Soda shirt, $330, and pants, $300; ​​a MJ Bale turtleneck, $170; and a Longines, $4,400.She wore a Friends with Frank cardigan, $359, a tank top, $249; a Scotch & Soda leather skirt, $400; and Anna Rossi jewelry earrings, $59, and a necklace, $49.Image credit: Michelle Tran
He wore a Scotch & Soda jacket, $570, a shirt, $250, pants, $250; and a Uniqlo roll collar, $50.She wore a Scanlan Theodore ‘Faux Fur Collar’ coat, $2,400, a knitted sweater, $450, and a leather skirt, $1,600; New Balance ’574′ sneakers, $140; and Anna Rossi jewelry earrings, $65.Credit: Michelle Tran
He was wearing a Scotch & Soda knit, $330; MJ Bale turtleneck, $170; Scotch & Soda pants, $300; ​​and Longines, $4,400.Image credit: Michelle Tran
He’s wearing a Cos knit, $150; Uniqlo “Men + J” pants, $100; Nike x Sacai sneakers, $983, Farfetch; Kerrin socks, $27; and Longines, $4,400.She’s wearing a Polo Ralph Lauren sweater, $499; H&M knit shorts, $30, socks, $25; Jolie & Deen “snake chain” necklace, $40; Anna Rossi jewelry earrings, $65, necklace, $99; and Longines Table, $4975.Credit: Michelle Tran
She wears Friends with Frank coat, $649; “Anais Rib” top, $279; pants, $289; Polo Ralph Lauren cardigan, $849; Jolie & Deen “Snake Chain” necklace, $40; and Essen “The Strappy” Sandals, $329.He wore The North Face ‘Sierra’ parka, $700, and ‘Vectiv Taraval’ sneakers, $230; knitted fabric, $115; scotch and soda shirt, $220; and Uniqlo ‘Men + J’ pants, 100 dollars.Image credit: Michelle Tran
Photography: Michelle Tran Stylist: Melissa Boyle Hair and Makeup: Bradwyn Jones using Mr Smith Hair & Dior Beauty Models: Juliette and Jay at Chadwick’s at the Bendigo Ernest Hotel
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Post time: Jun-20-2022